Industrial & community audiology services

Protecting your employees’ hearing on and off the job

Did you know that hearing loss caused by noise is the most common workplace injury in Canada? It’s easy to understand why when employees work all day without proper hearing protection or spend too long working in loud environments. When we talk about hearing damage at work, we often look to the 4 “P’s” of noise-induced hearing loss: it is progressive, painless, permanent, and most importantly—It is preventable.

Whether you manage a sports venue, a tarmac or a construction site, you can prevent unnecessary hearing loss for you and your employees, and we can get you the right resources. In collaboration with Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia, the Industrial & Community Audiology (ICA) program has been offering hearing protection strategies and equipment for over 30 years.

We’re proud to offer hearing conservation and protection services including:

  • On-site hearing screening, with results overview and breakdown for staff
  • Hearing protection reviews
  • Audiometer calibration services and minor repairs to ensure compliance to standards
  • Noise level assessments to determine the loudness of your workplace
  • Custom earplugs for musicians, swimmers, or noise protection


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