Provincially funded hearing services for all Nova Scotians

Hearing helps us understand the world around us and connect with people, but it also brings us joy. Listening to music, going to the movies or learning in class — it’s all made more enjoyable when you have access to the right support to help you hear your best.

Whatever type of hearing challenges you or a loved one is experiencing; we’ll be here as guides along the way as you reconnect with the world of sound.


Hearing services

From prevention to diagnosis and treatment, our audiologists are here to support adults and children through a wide variety of hearing challenges.


Hearing loss prevention

The best thing anyone can do for their hearing every day is to protect it. Get advice on how to prevent hearing loss, see the signs of sudden hearing loss and find out when you should be getting your hearing tested.

All hearing loss prevention services


Hearing testing & diagnosis

Hearing loss can happen so slowly, you might not even notice it. See the subtle signs of hearing loss and learn about the types of hearing tests you might receive at your appointment.

All hearing testing & diagnosis services


Hearing treatment & management

Not sure what treatment is best for you? That’s what we’re here for. Discover the variety of hearing treatment and management options available and who they’re best for.

All hearing treatment & management services


Hearing for children & newborns

For hearing difficulties in children and newborns, early detection is key. See signs you may need to book a hearing test for your baby or child and learn about our gentle testing processes.

All hearing for children & newborns services