Perry Jackson: Paying it forward

After 20 years serving as a member of the board of Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia (HSNS), Perry Jackson is retiring, but don't expect him to stop advocating for the organization. Since 2000, Perry has been a highly valued and dedicated member of the board, making a tremendous impact on the organization and the entire team at HSNS. 

Perry first became involved with Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia after his son Steven had a massive stroke in 1991 and recovered with help from the organization. That experience is the reason why he wanted to pay it forward and become a part of the board. 

"It has been a learning experience for me as well as providing me with an opportunity to 'give back' and express in a small way my appreciation for the help our family has enjoyed." says Perry. "Bring a board member alongside such a great group of dedicated members has been a most rewarding experience for me personally, especially having the privilege of serving as the board chair for the majority of my time." 

Over the years, Perry has become well-known for his kind heart and his passion to provide the same support he received after his son's stroke. Perry and his wife Dianne would often refer to HSNS staff as angels from heaven because they provided much-needed assistance and guidance when families need it the most. 

HSNS board chair, Bert Lewis, says Perry will be missed by the board and the entire organization. "Perry hasHeadshot of Perry Jackson long been a proud member of the board, and in turn, we have been just as proud to work with him," says Bert. "We truly cannot thank him enough for all of the work and countless hours of volunteer time he has graciously given to the organization and the support he so freely expresses to staff." 

Although his time with the board has come to an end, Perry says he will continue to support and follow the organization. 

"I am leaving knowing the HSNS board is in excellent hands with so many dedicated individuals. It has been such a pleasure for me personally to have had the opportunity to give back in a small way through serving as a board member," says Perry. "I am and will continue to be so proud of the service provided by HSNS."

Over the last 20 years, Perry has served as Chair, Past Chair, and a member of the numerous committees including the board executive, policy & governance, finance and investment, strategic planning, and the board accreditation committee.