Voice Services at the QEII & IWK

The Voice Lab at the QEII

Voice services are provided at many of our Hearing and Speech sites. At the QEII Dickson Building, a specialized service is provided for some clients to provide assessment and treatment for voice disorders and certain breathing disorders. At the Voice Lab, a laryngologist (specialized Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor) works with a speech-language pathologist with specialized equipment to see the vocal folds in action for a very clear diagnosis.  


The voice can be affected by a wide variety of factors including:

  • Vocal habits and technique
  • Work-related voice demands
  • Health conditions
  • Vocal fold injury
  • Mental health
  • Muscle tension
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Hormones
  • Singing

The Voice Lab and Hearing and Speech services throughout the province can help clients develop ways to improve their vocal health and get the most from their voices. If you’re concerned about your voice, make an appointment with us. It's possible your ENT doctor will refer you to the voice lab.


Voice Services at the IWK Health Centre

Voice problems can occur at any age. Many voice problems are harmless and go away on their own while others require help from a specialist. As in adult voice disorders, many speech-language pathologists throughout the province can provide quality voice therapy to children. Our staff working with the IWK team provides consultative services for complex pediatric voice cases in need of additional support.

Sometimes, children may feel unhappy with the way their voice sounds and want to change it so that it more closely matches their age or gender identity. In some cases, children may experience changes to the structure or function of the voice box and require help to improve their voice.


Signs & symptoms of voice challenges in children:

Children with voice problems may sound:

  • Hoarse or harsh
  • Too high or too low (doesn't match gender)
  • Too loud or too quiet like they are “losing” their voice
  • Wheezy or make raspy sounds when breathing

If you’re concerned about your child’s voice, make an appointment with us. It is possible that your IWK Health team may make a referral.